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Pie Eyed Thursdays Specials 2/26/2020

Pie Eyed Thursday Feature Pizzas:

Fancy Pants Shrimp

pesto crust, pine nuts, shrimp, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella 14

BBQ Chicken

chicken, BBQ sauce, red onion and cheddar 14

Spring Harvest

grilled asparagus, Swiss and Dijon aioli 14

Feature Pies:

Champagne Strawberry 5

Classic Blueberry 5

Cherry Almond


Rigatoni and meatballs tossed with tomato sauce with a buratta 16.00

Green Goddess Lasagna

spinach, artichoke hearts, fresh fennel and egg plant with garlic bread12.50

Cheese tortellini and bolognese baked with cheese 15.00

Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread 11.50

Lasagna with garlic bread 12.20

Four Cheese Ravioli with garlic bread 12.50

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