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Doing Our Part

A message from Wendy and Sean

In an effort to help as many costumers as possible enjoy the dining experience they are most comfortable with we are making the following changes to our hours and practices:

We will offer curbside pick up on Wednesday and Thursday.  As business "picks up" we will reassess and add on site dining ASAP. ( 4-8pm)

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we will offer limited seating in our dining room, patio and side walk spaces. We have also added dividers to increase distancing measures.  (4- 8pm)

Curbside is still available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (4-8pm)

Though we are serving alcohol, we are not seating at the bar. You are welcome to have drinks at a table!

Our staff is will be wearing masks. 

We have an abundance of hand sanitizer available in the dinning room for all to use. 

We continue to reassess our plan and will continue to make adjustments as the market and health conditions in the region evolve.

Thank you !!

Wendy and Sean

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