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Book Club for the People!

Check back soon for the book lists!

Book Clubs 

Logistics and “Rules” 


All book clubs will be DROP IN, meaning you are not committing to a year of reading. If you like a book please sign up for that book the month prior to the club meeting. If you need a month or two off that is completely fine- we ALL understand. 


There is no cost to join any of the book clubs.


You can purchase beverages and food at club meetings, but there is no pressure to do so. 


Readers are responsible for finding their own books- this will allow you to borrow, purchase or download your books.  Whatever works best for YOU is the best way to read the books.


Wendy Dueling, a veteran teacher of 18 years with licenses in Special Education and Art Education will serve as moderation for all groups. She will provide a digital copy of the conversation starters one week before club meetings. These can be downloaded and printed at the reader's discretion.  


Book Clubs need to be a safe place for everyone. All members WILL be treated with dignity and respect. If you cannot treat others with dignity and respect you are asked to leave. 




Libri Divertenti (Fun Books)

This group is for light reading and books gossiping. Think “beach books”, Resse Witherspoon’s Sunshine Club and other pop fiction. This group will meet at 5:30 the THIRD Tuesday of the month. 


Libri Seri (Serious Books)

This is a group for people who prefer deep cerebral reading. Topics will be more challenging and so might the conversation. If you like to cry, be left speechless or  This group will meet at 5:30 the THIRD Monday of the month.  


Libri Cattivi (Naughty Books) 

If you like it spicy and aren't afraid to talk about it- we should be friends! This group is only open to readers over the age of 18 and should come with the warning- things will likely heat up. This group will meet at 8:30pm the FIRST Sunday of the month.  


Libri di Cucina (Cook Books) 

This is a group under construction. Moderator Wendy would like to see this time as a cook book review and thematic recipe exchange. I think some cream will rise to the top and this will be a rewarding club to join.   This group will meet at noon the FIRST Sunday of the month.

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