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Friday 9/2/22

Feature Appetizer:

Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam

tossed pork belly with greens 10

Feature Salad:

Berries and Burrata

Field greens, strawberries and burrata cheese, 

with pistachios and balsamic glaze 10

Feature lasagna:

Eggplant and Kale Lasagna 

Mozzarella cheese,basil pesto ricotta,local vegetables

baked with tomato sauce and cheese. Garlic roll 16


Feature pizzas:

Memphis BBQ Chicken

Red onion, smoked chicken, cheddar and tomato

Memphis bbq spiked tomato sauce 15

Grilled Eggplant Pizza

Herb cream sauce, grilled eggplant, chopped olive blend 15


Cornmeal Breaded Walleye 

Fries or hand tossed parmesan fries, creamy slaw and house made tartar 17.50

Burrata Con Pasta

Pasta tossed with tomatoes, local basil, olive oil and cracked pepper, topped with Burrata cheese. Garlic roll 17 add shrimp for 6

Togarashi Barramundi

Japanese eggplant, tamari braised onions, shisito peppers and sesame wilted kale. Miso broth 18

Insalata di polipo e patate

Served warm, red poatoes, sliced octopus, red onion and gresh herbs with garlic butter and parmesan 17

Lemon Parmesan Shrimp 

Fresh lemons, Angel hair tossed with a cream, parmesan, herbs and a touch of white wine. Garlic roll 17 

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