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Bento Sunday Menu
Dine in or Carry out.
online ordering starts at 3:30pm

House Boxes

Katsu Chicken Box
Panko breaded chicken breast, rice, pickled vegetable and seaweed salad. Chef sauce  17 c
Mermaids Delight Box
Tempura Scallops, seaweed salad, rice, pickled vegetable.
Chef sauce 18 c

Drunk Shrimp Box
Sake poached shrimp, pickled vegetables and seaweed salad. Japanese style rice, with a side of chef sauce 17 c, GF

California Box
Spicy lobster,  Avocado, Japanese style rice.
Side of spicy mayo 18 c, GF

Spicy Tuna Box
Poke style tuna with chilis, soy and sesame oil, Japanese style rice, cucumber and wild onion accented with crunch. Spicy mayo 18

Alaska Box
Sashimi cut salmon, arugula and blueberry salad with chef sauce and Japanese style rice dusted with pistachios 17 GF

Teriyaki Salmon Roll
Seared teriyaki salmon, tempura asparagus. Japanese style rice and pickled vegetables 17 c

Samurai  Box
Sashimi cut tuna, seaweed salad, pickled vegetables, Japanese style rice and sesame.
With a side of chef sauce 18 GF

Bunny Box
Tempura asparagus and carrot, arugula salad with honey ginger dressing and Japanese style rice 16 v

Coconut Shrimp Box
Pineapple and mango salsa,
seaweed salad and Japanese style rice. With a side of spicy mayo 17 c  

C- All seafood in this roll is cooked.

GF- Gluten Free

V- vegetarian

Hey, we love Bento as much as you!

But when everyone orders and

asks for the same pick up time,

we simply can not keep up! 

Please consider selecting a time later in the evening to prevent the early order crush!

Orders can be made online, and paid for in advance.

We turn our system off when we are sold out or the kitchen is over run with early orders!-

Be patient, we are cooking as quickly as possible.

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