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Sushi Sunday Menu

for  curbside pick up only.

online ordering starts at 2pm

Small Slices

Nigiri platter

6 pieces of

chef's choice nigiri 14


2 Piece Nigiri:

Tuna 6

Hamachi 6

Salmon 6

Octopus 6


Sashimi Bowl

sushi rice, chef's choice shashimi cut fish, pickled vegetables

and chef sauce 13 GF 

Great for lunch tomorrow !

July Featured Rolls

Tako Su Roll

Octopus and cucumber on the inside, rolled in sesame with chef sauce 13 GF, C


Tahiti Roll

Blue snapper, mango and green onion inside, topped with blue snapper and spicy mayo 14 GF

Bayou Roll

Tempura shrimp inside topped

with peach and jalapeno chutney 13 C


Golden Summer Roll 

Grilled pineapple and blue snapper inside, rolled in crunch

topped with spicy honey 13 


Takoyaki Maki 

Tempura octopus, green onion, topped with takoyaki sauce 13 C


Grizzly Bear Roll

Salmon, blackberry, cream cheese and arugula topped with Pistachios 13 GF


House Rolls

Samurai Roll    

Spicy tuna inside topped with        Tuna, crunch and                        chefs sauce 14


Sunset Roll                              Tempura shrimp, pineapple            and jalapeno with spicy crab          on top 1275 C

Godzilla Roll.                         Tempura shrimp, cream                cheese- topped with                     Takoyaki and hot sauce 1275 C

Eel Love This Roll.   

Eel and avocado on the            inside, hamachi on the outside,       topped with chef sauce and           spicy mayo 13

Philly Roll 

Salmon, cream cheese and

green onion 1150 GF

California Roll                        Real Hawaiian crab,                    avocado, cucumber 11 GF, C


Silver Moon                       Seared scallops in garlic mayo

and crispy leek,                     rolled in toasted sesame 12 GF, C


Polar Bear Roll

Spicy crab and cream.                   cheese rolled in crunch 13 C


Jolly Roger Roll

Spicy tuna, crunch topped             with chef sauce and                    toasted sesame 11 GF

Tuna or Hamachi Tekkamaki 

A traditional style roll              with nori on the outside,              rice & fish inside 12 GF

C- All seafood in this roll is cooked.

GF- Gluten Free

V- vegetarian

Hey, we love sushi as much as you!

But when everyone orders and

asks for the same pick up time,

we simply can not keep up! 

Please consider selecting a time later in the evening to prevent the early order crush!

All orders must be made online, and paid for in advance.

You WILL receive an email when your order is ready.

We turn our system off when we are sold out or the kitchen is over run with early orders!-

Be patient, we are rolling as quickly as possible.

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