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Calzones and Nightly Entrees for 5/3/2020

Feature Appetizer:

Artichoke Dip and flatbread 8


Cordon Bleu Calzone

Chicken, ham and swiss and cream sauce 12

Tuscan Italian Sausage

House made sausage, kale and fresh tomatoes 12

Bacon Cheese Burger

Seasoned beef, bacon, tangy sauce, onion and tomato

With ranch for dipping 12

Loaded Southern Calzone

BBQ pork and mac n cheese

Ranch dipping 12

Pasta Options:

Stuffed Shells

Italian Sweet sausage and ricotta in pasta shells with tomato sauce and garlic bread 15

Tuscan Italian Smoked Sausage

House made smoked Italian sausage, cantinelli beans, sundried tomatoes and kale tossed with pasta. 15

Our traditional Lasagna with garlic bread 12.20

Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread 11.50

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