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Thursday 9/21/23

Buckaroo Burger

Cheddar, onion rings, bacon, mushrooms and BBQ sauce 

Strawberry Fields Burger

Strawberry balsamic glaze, feta cheese and fresh spinach 

Sir Newton Burger  

Gouda cheese, locally made apple butter, grilled onions and field greens  

The yMMM Burger

Sweet and spicy Mustard, Munster cheese and curry grilled Mushrooms

Bacon Bleu Burger

Bacon, bleu cheese, raw bottle onion and cracked pepper on the patty 

Street Burger 

Adobo spice dusted patty, bacon, cheddar, hand dipped onion rings and Mexican Street Corn dip  

Hot Stack

Cheddar, crispy onion, bacon, fried egg and a dash of hot sauce

All American 

Cheddar, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and special sauce

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