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Thursday 3/24/22

Burgers are ½ pound ground steak, served on a toasted bun with fries and pickle 14

Add gluten free bun +1

Whiskey Braised onions, havarti, bacon and field greens

Ultimate Pub Burger

stout and tomato jam, swiss, bacon, lettuce and onions

Sir Newton Burger

Smoked Gouda, apple cranberry chutney and field greens

Dublin Bacon “Bleu”

Irish Stilton Cheese crumbles, bacon and crispy onions

Jalapeño popper burger

sliced jalapeño, cream cheese smear, or sauce? mozzarella, bacon

Jalapeño Popper Burger

sliced jalapeño, cream cheese smear, mozzarella and bacon

Picnic Burger

Pickled red onions, bacon. Creamy slaw and BBQ sauce

Hot Stack

Cheddar, crispy onion, bacon, fried egg and a dash of hot sauce

All American

Cheddar, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and special sauce

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