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Sushi Sunday 4/24/22

Small Bies

Miso Soup with tofu 6

Seaweed Salad chilled drunken shrimp, dipping sauce 10

Edo Nigiri

Tokyo Style Nigiri Platter 16 (no substitution, please)

Ginger; soy Salmon, ume plum Toro: scallion

Chutoro: sweet soy & jalapeño Tuna: fresno pepper

Salmon, roe

Toro: crunch & roe

Hamachi: candied lemon zest, sweet soy

Chefs Choice Six Piece Nigiri Hand selected of the best cuts 14

Single Bite Nigiri

Salmon nigiri 6 2 pieces

Toro nigiri 6 2 pieces

Tuna nigiri 6 2 pieces

April Features

Mermaid Roll

Tempura Shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado and pickled jalapeno topped with strawberry 13.75

Lobster Volcano Roll

Tempura lobster tail, avocado, topped with lobster claw lava 18 C

Lady Bug Roll

Microgreens, orange-soy salmon, sushi mayo, Topped with tobiko and black sesame 12 GF

Shanghai Roll

Crispy glazed pork belly, shiitake, crunch, topped tuna 13

Rocket Roll

Arugula splashed with rice wine vinegar, cucumber, roasted red pepper, spicy Mayo 12 V GF

Eel Special Roll

Eel, cucumber, surimi, avocado, hamachi, pepitas, chef sauce 13.75 C GF

House Rolls

Sunset Roll

Tempura shrimp, pineapple and jalapeno with spicy surimi on top 13 C

Goblin Roll

Tempura shiitake, green onion, daikon, Mayo topped with pepitas and micro greens 12 V C

Eel Love This Roll

Eel and avocado on the inside, salmon on the outside, topped with chef sauce and spicy mayo 13 GF

Double Dragon Roll

Tuna, cucumber, scallion inside. Topped with tuna & tobiko 13.75

Jolly Roger Roll

Spicy tuna, crunch topped with chef sauce and toasted sesame 12

Tuna or Hamachi Tekkamaki

A traditional style roll with nori on the outside, rice and tuna belly inside 12 GF

Samurai Roll

Spicy tuna inside topped with Tuna, crunch and chefs sauce 15

Godzilla Roll

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese- topped with Takoyaki and hot sauce 13.75 C

California Roll

Surimi, avocado cucumber 12 GF C

East Coast Roll

Salmon, avocado inside

Toro & green onion outside 13 GF

Polar Bear Roll

Spicy surimi and cream cheese rolled in crunch 13 C

Raging Bull Roll

Green onion, toro, sesame 13 GF

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