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Saturday 8/20/22

Feature Appetizer:

Smoked Salmon Spread

With crackers 9

Feature Salad:

Berries and Burrata

Greens, strawberries and a ball of rich burrata cheese. Pistachios and balsamic glaze 10

Wood Oven Features:

Smoked paprika pork, spinach and

bottle onions with roasted garlic ricotta,

rolled in pasta and baked

with tomato sauce and cheese.

Garlic roll 16


Feature pizzas:

Smoked Salmon Pizza

House smoked salmon and herbed cream sauce. Finished with capers 15

Double Diavolo 

Calabrian pepper spread on the crust, fresh mozzarella, spicy sausage, red onion and basil 15

Pizza Sopressata

Garlic and oil crust, mozzarella, Sliced sopressata, spinach and pinenuts, finished with balsamic glaze 15

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