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Saturday 7/8/23

Feature Appetizers:

Wood Toasted Pub Dip

A creamy dip of bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar and beer with herbs with flatbread 9

Spinach and Cheese Arancini

Risotto balls stuffed with spinach and cheese, breaded and fried, served with tomato sauce 8

Feature pizzas: 

Chard & Chorizo Pizza 

Wine braised rainbow chard, Spanish cured chorizo and fresh mozzarella, Sherry Wine Glaze 16

Salmon Pizza 

Garlic scape cream sauce, poached salmon, Shooting Star Farm dill and goat cheese 16

Pizza Di Dannenberg 

Our classic crust loaded with house mac n cheese and a little more cheese 16

Featured Entrees

Petite braised pork shanks fried crisp with rhubarb bbq sauce and cheddar grits 18

Shrimp Pesto 

Shrimp and cherry tomatoes sautéed with fresh pesto, tossed with angel hair pasta. Garlic roll 17

Tuna with Roasted Vegetable Ravioli 

Poached tuna in buerre blanc sauce over roasted vegetable ravioli. Finished with shaved parmesan 17

Braised Beef Tortellini

Tortellini tossed in a red wine tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella and local basil. Finished with fresh Parmesan and garlic roll. 17

Blueberry Glazed Salmon 

Pecan and wild rice pilaf 18

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