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Saturday 4/9/22

Featured Appetizers:

Fried Calamari

Handbreaded and fried calamari seasoned and dusted with parmesan

Tomato sauce 10

6 Chicken Wings

Fresh, never frozen seasoned & cooked in house, then fried.Tossed in either Buffalo or habanero honey sauce Ranch for dipping 8

Featured Pizza:

Classic Sweet Sausage Pizza

Tomato sauce and mozzarella, grilled sweet sausage, spinach and tomato slices 15

Pizza Apollo

Creamy garlic sauce, mozzarella, chopped olive blend, gyro meat and tomatoes, finished with pickled banana peppers 15

Balsamic & Shiitake Pizza

Olive oil and garlic on the crust, ricotta, and shiitake mushrooms finished with balsamic glaze 15 Entree

Flat Iron Chimichurri

Seared flat iron steak served with Argentinian Chimichurri sauce and garlic roasted potato 24

Pork Belly and polenta

Bourbon poached pork belly and seared. Braised shiitake mushroom topped maple mesquite crispy onions 18

Spanish Prawns

Jumbo shell on prawns grilled and served with Spanish saffron rice with peppers onions chorizo and calamari 21

Mediterranean Snapper

Pan seared in a special blend of herbs and lemon,

Feta tossed grilled potatoes and asparagus 18

Mermaid Pasta

Shrimp, calamari and haddock with garlic and herbs. Tossed with angel hair pasta and Parmesan cheese. 17

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