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Saturday 4/30/22

Featured Appetizers:

Wood Roasted Asian Shrimp

Shrimp tossed a ginger soy sauce over seaweed salad 8

Featured Pizza:

Shrimp “Salad” Pizza

Oil and garlic on the crust, mozzarella, wine and herb poached shrimp, and Get Up Nation microgreens, finished with balsamic glaze. 15

Cali Pie

Oil and garlic crust topped with red and yellow peppers and red onion. Finished with avocado and Get Up Nation microgreens 15

Mom’s Taco pizza

Chili sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, taco meat, lettuce, onion and sour cream. 15

Feature Manicotti:

Wine and herb poached shrimp, spinach, a blend of cheese and ricotta, rolled in pasta and baked in a white sauce. Garlic bread 16


Roasted Salmon

Oven roasted with fennel, red and yellow peppers.

Couscous 17

Napoli Ragu

Pancetta simmered with eggplant, peppers, green beans and Brussels sprouts. Tossed with rigatoni. Topped with shaved cheese 15

Wood roasted Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp in garlic and herb butter roasted in the wood oven. Served over angel hair pasta with shaved cheese. 16

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