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Saturday 4/16/22


Tropical Rum Glazed Grilled Prawn

Citrus dressed Greens and pickled reds 10

Chimichurri Steak Skewers

Citrus dressed Greens and pickled reds 10

Featured Pizza:

Classic Sweet Sausage Pizza

Tomato sauce and mozzarella, grilled sweet sausage, spinach and tomato slices 15

Ham and Brussels Pizza

Herb cream sauce, a blend of Swiss and mozzarella, Black Forest ham and Brussels sprouts 15

Balsamic & Shiitake Pizza

Olive oil and garlic on the crust, ricotta, and shiitake mushrooms finished with balsamic glaze 15


Sweet and Fiery Black Cod

Miso glazed green beans and saffron brown butter rice 18

Roast leg of lamb

Sliced, served over polenta with carrots and onions simmered in red wine. Finished with parsley lemon and garlic 20

Beef stroganoff

Braised beef tips simmered with onion and mushrooms. Served over egg noodles topped with a dallop of sour cream 16

Italian Wedding Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp, kale, local egg and traditional sweet Italian sausage. With light broth and linguine. Garlic bread 17

Mermaid Pasta

Shrimp, clams and haddock sautéed with butter and herbs tossed with white wine, cream and angel hair pasta. Garlic bread 17

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