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Saturday 11/27/21

Feature Appetizer:

Blackened shrimp and cheddar dip served with flat bread 9

Feature Pizzas:

Shrimp Blanco

Herb cream sauce, garlic sauteed shrimp, ricotta and roasted fennel 15

Pancetta & Honey

Crispy Pancetta, tomato sauce, ricotta, spicy honey 15

Classic Pastas:

Baked Pork Bolognese

Tossed with rigatoni and baked with cheese. Served with garlic bread 15

Sausage and Broccoli Ravioli

Baked with cream, herbs and kale

Garlic bread 16

Roast vegetable ravioli with Burrata

Topped with tomato sauce and fresh basil, served with garlic bread 16

Cheese Tortellini

With tomato sauce and garlic bread 15

Classic Lasagna

With garlic bread 12.50

Gluten Free Cheese Ravioli

With tomato sauce, baked with cheese 15

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