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Friday 3/24/23

Feature Salad 

Brussels & Burrata Salad

Greens with roasted herb Brussels sprouts, pistachios, a ball of burrata cheese and balsamic glaze 10 

Special Pizza

Bloody Mary Pizza

Spicy sauce, pepper Jack and mozz

Bacon, pickles, green olives pepperoni

Spinach ricotta pizza

Olive oil garlic crust,)Tomato, mozz, ricotta, spinach, black olive  

White Broccoli pizza

Half Pizza sauce half Garlic white sauce,, mozz, fontina, tomato  drizzle of balsamic glaze

Special Appetizer

Wood Toasted Irish Pub Dip

A creamy dip of bacon, caramelized onions, dark beer and Irish White Cheddar. with flatbread 9

From the Wood Oven

Mediterranean Lasagna 

Shrimp, calamari, spinach, olives, tomato sauce  Greek spices   Garlic Roll


Pancetta, red onion, mushroom, fresh herb. Garlic roll

Stuffed cabbage

Ground pork,veal and beef. Rolled in cabbage with rice. . Baked in tomato sauce. Garlic roll. 

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