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Saturday 10/28/23

Feature Appetizer

Feature Salad

Smoked Salmon Salad

roasted beet, pepitas and smoked Alaskan salmon. 

Finished with sherry vinegar and olive oil. 10


Chicken & Dumplings

Local chicken with a rich gravy with vegetables covered in buttery biscuits and baked 16

Petite Pork Shank 

on cheesy polenta with crispy cippolini onions and roasted pumpkin seeds 20

Maple Pecan crusted walleye 

Wild rice pilaf and grilled squash 18

Tuscan Pork 

Crispy pork belly on cannellini beans, San Marzano tomato, zucchini, white wine and shallots. Garlic roll 17

Beef Ragu

Simmered in a rich sauce with mushrooms and pasta 

Duck Mascarpone

Apple wood roasted duck breast, leeks and sun dried tomato tossed in mascarpone with pasta. 

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